Mickaël Marchand

the intention, 2012


the intention was to draw a line. a loud, dusty and labour-intensive effort resulting in a tenuous thread. an incision hardly to be notice in the quotidian flow, almost invisible when rain has soaked the chalky white cut and rendered it grey like the rest of the cobblestone pavement. a line art drawing in its most basic form.

the intention was to draw a line as long as possible. a loud and dusty undertaking carried out in the crowded streets until the passersby would start to question the reasons for my action and bring it to a halt.

the intention was to furrow the urban surface, to dredge up the primeval materiality behind its social patina. where are these cobblestones coming from, how many cliffs were therefore laid flat, what is the etymology of a citified rock?       

the intention was to have a cut in reality which will slowly fade away with the lapse of time. because nothing is carved in stone…     

Built with Berta